Artesian Sands Equestrian

as velvet cielo

2015 half Andalusian filly by VMF Gitano De La Noche, out of Pinacolada (Canadian/Dutch Warmblood) Velvet is a big moving filly with a fun personality. She will probably mature around 15.1/15.2hh. Perfect Dressage prospect for a smaller rider wanting a big style horse in a smaller package. 


as khaleesi

2015 Half Andalusian filly by VMF Gitano De La Noche, out of Juliettes Roulette (Arabian/Saddlebred) Khaleesi is super sweet and has a very trainable mind already. Loves to be around people. Very correct and lovely, expressive mover. I absolutely loved her Dam and the cross has been everything I wished for. Will mature 15.1-15.3hh


AS Leandro

2014 Half Andalusian colt out of Pinacolada (Canadian/Dutch WB) Leandro will mature 16.2/16.3hh. He is super quiet and loves people. Will jump and do well in the Dressage arena. Will be amateur friendly. 


AS Alejandra

2010 Half Andalusian x Shire mare. Alejandra is super quiet and friendly. She has 30 days under saddle and some trail rides.  Will continue her training this Spring. Currently stands 15.1hh

Update - We have starting using Alejandra as a lesson horse. She is already worth her weight in gold! Amateur friendly already.  

SOLD - Congrats Erin!

apanarde's Gerona rr

2007 Canadian Warmblood. Had 6 weeks under saddle as a 4 yr old. Quiet, easy to handle. Had 2  quality foals.

SOLD - Congrats Ashley!



as lia bella

2012 Andalusian/Fjord filly.  Quiet, yet, full of spunk. Lia is almost identical in looks to her sister, Fara, who has made her debut in the Dressage arena and proven to be of superb mind for show or trail. Lia should mature 15.1hh

SOLD - Congrats Kathy! 

AS Titaniums Aria 

'Aria' 2011 Black, double reg. Half Andalusian, Part Arabian. This filly will be a show stopper. She is smart, friendly, will have the Arabian pizzazz in the show ring with the Andalusian trainability and boldness. Should mature around 15hh

new video:

Aria is started under saddle and doing awesome! Currently has 50+ rides.  Showed Westman Dressage show in Beginner horse with scores in the 60's with only 40 rides!

SOLD - Congrats Wendy!

as gia gemela

2014 filly, half Andalusian out of Apanardes Gerona RR (Swiss WB)

SOLD - Congrats Robynne!

as amaluna del sol

2013 grey 3/4 Andalusian filly out of Larco Chiquita, by VMF Gitano De La Noche. Luna is sweet and sassy.  She is our 5th foal of this cross. Very quiet and loves people. Should mature around 15hh.

SOLD - Congrats Chelsea!

as titaniums talena

2013 bay, double reg, part Arabian, half Andalusian filly out of DBA Titaniums Jewel, by VMF Gitano De La Noche. Big, beautiful filly with near perfect conformation and personality.

SOLD - Congrats Cynthia!

as marco suave

2012 3/4 Andalusian gelding. Marco is very quiet and loves attention but also can be quite the 'show off'. He is very correct and tall already. standing 15hh as a yearling. He is reg. as Black Dun. We don't expect him to grey.

SOLD - Congrats Marilyn!


AS Angel DEl sol

2010 3/4 Andalusian Filly out of Larco Chiquita and VMF Gitano De La Noche. Angel is a full sister to AS Alma Bella and AS Valentina Sol who is also pictured on this page. Super quiet minded filly that is a treat to work with.  Very smart and trainable. Currently stands 15.1hh Should mature around 15.3hh. Has approx 40 rides. Walk, trot, canter, leg yields, backs, turn arounds and shoulders in coming along nicely.

SOLD - Congrats Cynthia!


AS faras secret

2010 Half Andalusian filly out of Lower Forty Vesla and VMF Gitano De La Noche. Want to be on the most original horse out there?? This filly is it. Fjord/Andalusian. Fara has the Fjord looks and quietness but Andalusian pizazz. She will ride and drive and look great doing it.

Will sell as a package deal with her full sister. (AS Bella Lia) Bred for a fancy driving team, they are almost identical.

Sept. 2013 - Fara is currently being rode. She has about 60 rides and 6 drives under her belt. Super fun, loveable horse. Using as lesson horse and on trails already.

SOLD - Congrats Erin! 


AS Valentina Sol 

2011 Bay, 3/4 Andalusian filly out of VMF Gitano De La Noche and Larco Chiquita. Gorgeous filly.  Very correct. Beautiful uphill mover with power. Will excel in Dressage.

SOLD - Congrats Robynne!

Was used in colt starting demo with Jess Dyck, June 21/13. Was excellent.


AS titaniums sarita

2012  Andalusian/Arabian filly. Double reg. with CAHR and IALHA

Sarita is a full sister to AS Titanium's Bastian who is now started under saddle. There is nothing bad to say about him. Trainable and talented!

Sarita will follow in his footsteps. She is a sweetheart and will make a lovely mount one day.

SOLD - Congrats Tracy!

AS Alma Bella

Alma Bella which means 'beautiful soul' in spanish, is just that. Bella is amazing and talented.  She is a 2009, 3/4 Andalusian filly.  Her Dam Chiquita, has a wonderful personality and powerful trot.  She is the first foal out of our stallion 'VMF Gitano De La Noche'

Bella now stands 15hh.

October 2012 - Bella has 60 rides. She is very forward with a floating canter. Shoulders in, leg yeilds, progressive transitions already. There is nothing this filly will not be able to do as she matures.

new video:

SOLD - Congrats Brittney!

as soraya 

2011 Half Andalusian filly by VMF Gitano De La Noche and Sara (Shire) Soraya is Black with 3 white socks. Very quiet. Beautiful mover. She will mature 16hh+

new video :

SOLD - Congrats Taylor!

as nico 

2011 Grey,Half Andalusian colt out of VMF Gitano De La Noche and Express San Chex. Nico is halterbroke and quiet. Very correct with good bone. Will mature 15hh+ He is full brother to AS Adelina, pictured on this page.

SOLD - Congrats to Marty!

KQH Butler Bar Twist

2006 AQHA Bay gelding.  Twist is an amazing horse that is a treat to ride every time.  Absolutely no vices. Has been shown and hauled since he was a weanling. Very nice jog and lope but bred for speed and strength. Measures almost 15.2hh and still growing. He is very broke but was never over rode as a 2yr old. Will go in any direction from HUS, pleasure, barrels and he is big enough to drag a steer.  Excellent on trails alone or in a group.

SOLD  Congrats to Karissa!

AS Argo

2009 Black gelding out of 'Mouns Tiffany' and 'VMF Gitano De La Noche'.  Argo is an amazing dressage prospect.  Powerful trot with lots of reach. He is 15.3hh as a 2 yr old. We expect him to reach 16.1hh 

Video taken Sept. 2, 2010

SOLD - Congrats to Sarah!

AS Titaniums bastian

2010 Double reg. Part Arabian and Half Andalusian colt out of DBA Titaniums Jewel and VMF Gitano De La Noche. Bastian has a great personality and is nice to be around. Easy going nature with some spunk. He is maturing nicely and will be an amazing mount. 

SOLD - Congrats DJ!


AS Reya De La Noche

2010 Grey, Half Andalusian filly out of Marshalls Hot Shot (QH) and VMF Gitano De La Noche. Beautiful filly, very correct and a great mind with a quiet nature. Will be 16hh

SOLD - Congrats Kim!

AS Adelina

'Ady' is a beauiful 2009 bay filly our of 'VMF Gitano De La Noche' and 'Express San Chex'.  She is reg. Half Andalusian.  15hh  Ady is now started under saddle. She has had half a dozen rides in the arena and the pasture. Ready to be taken any direction.

SOLD - Congrats to Sam and Dee!

SS Morning Echo

2000 reg. Partbred Arabian mare.  15/16 Arabian, 1/16 Saddlebred. 15.1hh

Echo is now back under saddle after having some time off to be a Mom to AS Etched in Echos and AS Galena.

She has many ribbons in open shows and has been shown training and first level dressage. No vices. Well broke but requires an experienced rider as she is sensitive. Lots of miles on the trails.

Selling because I need to get the young one going.


SOLD - Congrats Lois and Andrea!

AS Galena

2010 Half Andalusian filly out of 'SS Morning Echo' and 'VMF Gitano De La Noche' Galena is a beautiful dark bay filly with tons of mane and tail! She is halter broke and quiet. Loves people. She will be easy to train and excel in the show ring.

SOLD - Congrats 'Fred!


AS Etched in Echos

'Eva' is not to be missed.  This sweepstakes filly has the looks and will have the talent to take you far.  She is a perfectly marked bay with a star and 4 white socks!  She will mature over 15hh.      With SS Morning Echo and HS Kolors Khemorada (undeafeated in SHIH, halter and now going well under saddle) as parents she has the 'look at me' movement.  Check out the 'Mares' page for pictures of her dam under saddle. 

SOLD - Congrats 'Fred!


Her sire HS Kolors Khemorada owned by Tammy Hayward

Serena San Chex

2008 Part Arabian filly.  Out of QH mare 'Express San Chex' and Arabian stallion 'FV Ab Salute'. Serena is very correct.  She has been hauled to a few shows and is easy to haul, clip, bath.  Will excel in the half arabian western events. Pictured here as a yearling.

SOLD - Congrats Vicky!

utcs Silk Abs Smoke

2008 reg. Part Arabian Filly. Silk is 3/4 arabian, 1/4 Percheron.  Grey. She stands over 15.2hh as a 2 yr old!  Beautiful mover with lots of reach. A very fancy filly that will get noticed in the show ring. Sister to AS Argo. 

SOLD - Congrats to Lynn!

Zameel Ab salute

2005 Purebred Arabian gelding. Personalitly plus. No vices. He has a solid 35 rides and doing great. Ready to continue his training and head to the show ring! A big horse standing a hair under 15.2hh. Very correct, good mover.

SOLD - Congrats Linda!


2004 Arabian mare in foal to Gitano.  Gem is a nice moving mare who throw correct, trainable foals. She is due for an April 2010 half Andalusian foal. 

SOLD - Congrats Sarah!


2005 Arab/QH gelding(no papers) 14.3hh Bisquit has about 90 rides and is doing great.  He is very well behaved with no vices. Quick learner.  Has been hauled to clinics and shows,  does well in public. He would make an awesome pony club mount for a confident junior. His price will increase with training.

SOLD - Congrats to Sharon!